Neutron Radioisotope Identifier Device (NRID)

This device is ideal when high accuracy neutron dose is paramount, where quick and accurate neutron source ID and localization are mission critical.

RDT’s Neutron Radioisotope Identifier Device (NRID) is a first-of-its-kind portable neutron radiation identifier, active neutron spectrometer, and neutron dose meter. The NRID consists of high-efficiency neutron detectors strategically distributed within a neutron moderating cylinder. Neutrons’ incident on the detector results in unique detector responses based on neutron energy and source location. Through advanced AI/ML algorithms the NRID resolves the neutron source isotope and incident neutron energy spectrum.

The device is portable, cost-effective, and capable of identification, localization, differentiation, and human dose equivalent measurement. The device weighs under 13 pounds and has an 8-hour battery life for all-day operations.

Neutron Spectrum Unfolding Image
Neutron Spectrum unfolding.

This device is in the last stage of development and onto commercialization, demonstrations are available, and pre-orders have started.