Area Radiation Gamma And Neutron Origin Telemetry – ARGANOT

This device is ideal for Active Dosimetry, Targeted Area Monitoring for operators and unmanned platforms in radiological environments. This device can track dose and length of exposure versus just peak dose information.

ARGANOT is an advanced Internet of Things (IoT) configurable radiation detection device that can relay the dose, identification, and localization of radioactive materials. This device is smaller than most cell phones and lightweight, it can operate on a UAV, UGV, left behind for longer monitoring, and accomplish a variety of other tasks. It is a cost-effective versatile solution that uses gamma and neutron sensors to identify radioactive material accurately and quickly. These devices can be networked to further enhance their sensing capabilities and relay information to a central hub to significantly raise situational awareness.

The device weighs less than 8 oz and has an +8-hour battery life for all-day operation. It configures in with Android devices and can be adapted to a variety of platforms.

Heat Map Image
Disbursed source radiation heat map made with RDT’s device mounted to a UAV

This device is in the last stage of development and onto commercialization, prototypes are available for testing and review but funding for development is still needed. Device pre-orders have started for active dose and area monitoring.