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The Domino® provides the smallest form factor, high efficiency alternative to He-3 for thermal neutron detection while retaining minimal sensitivity nuisance gamma ray-radiation. In recent years, Dominos have been successfully integrated into many larger detector systems that have been successfully deployed. The Domino® and other MSND-based technologies that have been SWAP-C optimized into your radiation detector suite. The Domino® has a digital output per module and the digital outputs may also be tied together in the tiled format.

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  • Detector: 4 cm2
  • Thermal neutron eff.: 30% ± 1%
  • Gamma sensitivity: < 1 cts/min. from Cs-137 source delivery 5.0E4/cm2/sec.
  • Power Consumption: <1mW
  • 1-D Tileable amplifier IC module with digital TTL output
  • Size: 38mm x 27mm x 5mm
  • Weight: 9.5 grams

A strong demand for thin form factor neutron detectors with the flexibility to adjust available detection area has driven RDT to offer the end-to-end pluggable Domino® with 4-cm2 detection area, 30% thermal neutron efficiency, less than 0.3-mW power consumption, and digital output per module.

The digital outputs of the Domino® may also be tied together in the tiled format. The Domino® V5.4 Neutron Detector is calibrated to 30% thermal neutron detection efficiency, however, other desired efficiencies can be calibrated.

As an advantage, a reduction in neutron detection efficiency will increase the gamma-ray rejection of the Domino® Neutron Detector.


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