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Micro-structured Semiconductor Neutron Detector (MSND®)

Recent advances in etching techniques allow for increased neutron detection efficiency with our compact MSND®’s.  The key components of our MSND® devices:


  • Use high-aspect ratio techniques to etch micro-structured patterns into a semiconductor material.
  • Backfilling with an inert neutron conversion material, such as10B or 6LiF.
  • Capturing energetic charge particles within the bulk of the micro-structured semiconductor diode, as opposed to the thin-film design which is limited to diode surface energetic particle capture.

MSNDs and DominoThis deep microstructure within the bulk semiconductor, combined with the neutron reactive material backfill, increases the neutron absorption efficiency, and additionally, increases the probability of registering an interaction above some lower level discriminator (LLD). However, due to the challenges associated with fabricating the MSND®, it is necessary to continue advancing processing technology beyond that of commonly used VLSI technology.  In doing so, a great deal of work has been done to maximize MSND® device operational performance and optimize the MSND® fabrication process.

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MSND® Technology References

To see the full documentation and references regarding our MSND® technology, click here.