Meet the Team

Dr. Steven Bellinger, PhD, Founder & CEO

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Dr. Bellinger’s expertise in radiation detection comes from over 9 years of experience in the fields of semiconductor device theory and fabrication and radiation detector design, fabrication, and measurement. He manages graduate students in the design, fabrication and characterization of radiation detectors and systems at Kansas State University (KSU) as an associate research faculty at the Semiconductor Materials and Radiological Technologies (SMART) Laboratory at KSU on many projects and has started a spin-off company, Radiation Detection Technologies, Inc. (RDT), to commercialize novel radiation detectors developed at the SMART Laboratory. He is skilled at fabricating detectors from numerous types of semiconductors for specific radiation detection applications, such as, CdZnTe, HgI2, Si, and SiC, each with their own unique capabilities and properties for radiation detection. He holds the record for the highest thermal-neutron detection efficiency for a solid-state semiconductor neutron detector and has introduced novel manufacturing concepts for microstructured semiconductor neutron detectors (MSNDs). He has authored or co-authored over 46 publications on radiation detectors and has 5 US patents on detector designs with several radiation detector patents pending.


Grace Friedel, CPA, Controller

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Grace joined the RDT team in November 2014 with over 7 years of public accounting experience.  She graduated with a Master’s in Accounting from the University of Central Missouri in 2007 and earned her CPA license in 2008.  Grace was intrigued by RDT and the potential growth and opportunity it had to offer and decided to take the leap into private accounting.  Grace is the Controller and focuses on all accounting functions, financial analysis, budgeting, and government contracting for the company.  Grace enjoys spending time with family and friends, working out, watching horror movies, and being outdoors.


Luke Henson, Mechanical & Nuclear Engineer

Luke Henson (web) (1)Luke Henson, upon graduating from the Manhattan Area Technical College (MATC), joined the Phillips Lighting Company where he worked for 2 years as a maintenance and service technician.  He started at Kansas State University in August of 2008.  In 2009 he entered the college of Engineering and began working towards a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering.  During his time at MATC he was required to become NATEF certified for all 8 levels of automotive repair.  During his time at KSU, as an engineering undergraduate, he conducted research at the KSU Semiconductor Materials and Radiological Technologies (SMART) Laboratory.  As an undergraduate research assistant, Mr. Henson participated in research to investigate and develop semiconductor neutron-detector manufacturing and characterization.


Dr. Benjamin Montag, PhD, Nuclear Engineer


Dr. Montag has been in the field of radiation detection materials, device design, fabrication, and radiation measurements since 2005. He began working with boron materials for neutron detection at the University of Nebraska and later graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University with a B.S. in Chemistry in 2008 and received his PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the Kansas State University in 2015. As a member of the KSU Semiconductor Materials and Radiological Technologies (SMART) Laboratory he synthesized and grew crystalline ingots of the I-II-V family of materials for neutron detectors. He fabricated the first LiZnAs and LiZnP devices that measured thermal neutron induced signals. In addition, Montag has grown crystalline ingots, characterized, and fabricated devices of numerous radiation detector materials including NaI, CeBr3, LaBr3, and CZT. During his time in the SMART Laboratory, he has mentored over a dozen undergraduate researchers in the laboratory, has co-authored and authored over 25 publications on radiation detectors and radiation detection materials.



20170125_135639 (2)Mr. Whitmore joined the team in January 2017.