About RDT

Radiation Detection Technologies, Inc. (RDT) was founded in 2011 out of the Kansas State University SMART Lab located in Manhattan, Kansas. Our company focuses on manufacturing quality radiation detectors and detector readout-electronic technologies for use in multiple industries including healthcare, defense and energy.

RDT began its enterprise by focusing on the neutron detection industry.  Given the exhaustion of 3He – a major component of traditional radiation detection – RDT has started commercializing micro-structured semiconductor neutron detectors (MSNDs) in order to replace traditional 3He-based radiation detection technologies. As we look forward, RDT will add new products that fit the replacement of traditional radiation-detection technologies as the 3He shortage continues to rise.

Due to the clarity of vision and passion of commitment that our founders and staff bring to the field of radiation detection, we believe RDT will be able to help solve radiation detection problems and improve traditional technologies in the radiation detection industry.  In fact, our micro-structured neutron detector technology has resulted in over 33 publications, four allowed patents, and an R&D 100 award for 2009 and 2014!