Current Internal R&D

Radiation Detection Technologies is always looking for innovative ways to push the envelope in the neutron and radiation detection industry. Here is what RDT is currently working on:

Lithium Coated Detector (LCD):  A Low-Cost Lithium-Lined Proportional Neutron Detector

LCDs contain a coating of 6Li metal on the inner wall of an aluminum tube and contain a single anode wire positioned down the center of the tube. The theoretically calculated thermal neutron detection efficiency is approximately 20% with a lower level discriminator (LLD) of 300 keV. Each LCD can have a large active area of >100 cm2. Each LCD has an ideal operating voltage bias of 250V and a measured capacitance of 9-11 pF.  The gamma-ray rejection ratio (GRR) of the LCD was calculated using a 68.8 mCi 137Cs gamma-ray source at an exposure rate of 1000 mR/hr, which was found to be 1.3 x 10-10.

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