RDT Domino® V5.4 Neutron Detector

V5.4 Picture

A strong demand for thin form factor neutron detectors with the flexibility to adjust available detection area has driven RDT to offer the end-to-end pluggable Domino® with 4-cm2 detection area, 30% thermal neutron efficiency, less than 0.3-mW power consumption, and digital output per module. The digital outputs of the Domino® may also be tied together in the tiled format.

The Domino V5.4 Neutron Detector is calibrated to 30% thermal neutron detection efficiency, however, other desired efficiencies can be calibrated. As an advantage, a reduction in neutron detection efficiency will increase the gamma-ray rejection of the Domino Neutron Detector.

Click here for Domino® Product Specs – 30% thermal neutron detection efficiency