MSND® Tile

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The MSND® technology implements Li6 conversion to yield a thermal neutron detection efficiency of 30%. Optimum HDPE moderator for Cf252 neutron source at 1-m is 3-4 cm in front and 3-6 cm behind the MSND® sensor.



• Surface mount ceramic package

• Nickel Silver RF integrated shielding

• Thin form factor

• Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.4 mm

• 20-30% thermal neutron efficiency

• Low power

• Low voltage

• Solid State

• 1-cm^2 active area

Solid-State Neutron Detection Applications:

Neutron detector applications include those for homeland security (e.g., border screening), fundamental research (e.g., neutron scattering beamlines), and industrial monitoring (e.g., personnel monitoring, water content in soil). Solid-state neutron detectors provide an alternative to the 3He-based detectors, maintaining a high thermal-neutron detection efficiency, at a fraction of the volume, mass, voltage, and power required from gas or liquid detectors. Recommend AC coupling to electronic readout circuit.

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